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GoBears offers flexible schedules, weekly pay and performance-based promotion opportunities – most of our store leaders started as Store Associates. We aim to make people’s lives simpler and more enjoyable, and we are looking for team members who demonstrate our core values. If this sounds like you, apply today!

Grow With Us

The GoBears' promise of helping build strong career paths for all our employees.

At the GoBears we work hard to provide a comprehensive, competitive benefits package designed to offer cost-effective, valuable benefit options to our team members. Our insured benefits programs offer options that will ensure the appropriate level of protection for team members and their families:

Subject to acceptance by our insurance carrier (Humana), we offer medical, dental and vision insurance coverage for all full-time employees, beginning on the first day of the month after completion of 60 days of employment. We also offer coverage to part-time employees who have worked an average of 130 (or more) per month for 12 months. Insurance coverage for these employees will begin on the first day of the month after completion of 12 months of employment.

At GoBears, we understand the importance of work-life balance. We offer eligible team members generous paid time-off benefits such as Holiday Pay, Vacation Pay and Sick Pay.

The company provides all eligible employees with $20,000 in life insurance coverage. This coverage is 100% employer paid, and is provided at no cost to you. You are eligible for life insurance when you are eligible for the medical, dental and vision insurance.

All full time employees that have been employed for 60 days have the opportunity to purchase life insurance coverage in the amount of $50,000. Employees may also purchase $10,000 for a spouse or $5,000 for children (the employee must first purchase the supplemental life insurance on themselves in order to purchase the dependent supplemental life insurance.)

The company provides short-term and long-term disability coverage for all full-time employees, beginning on the first day of the month after completion of 60 days of employment. In the event that you should become disabled from a non-work-related injury or sickness, disability income benefits are provided as a source of income.

The Federal Insurance Contributions Act, which is better known as the Social Security Act, requires us to deduct a percentage of your pay, match it with an equal amount from the Company and send it to the government to be deposited in your Social Security account.

The Company pays the entire amount of the Workers’ Compensation insurance premium that provides benefits to our employees who experience injury or illness connected with employment. To be eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits, the injury must be a direct result of the job.

To help you prepare for the future, the company sponsors a profit sharing plan to help employees accumulate funds for their retirement. Employees who have completed a year of service and worked 1000 hours may be eligible to participate. The plan allows eligible employees to defer a portion of their income pre-tax (before federal and state income tax) to the 401(K) plan to build their retirement savings. The amount you may contribute annually is determined by the I.R.S. On an annual basis, the company may also make a discretionary contribution to the plan for the benefit of eligible employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about working with us?

If you apply at the location that fits your needs, every effort will be made to assign you to a location that is reasonably close to where you live.

Yes. GoBears stores are always open, which means most store team members will work on weekends.

All GoBears employees are paid weekly.

GoBears provides a variety of t-shirts that are available for purchase. The shirts are to be paired with jeans and tennis shoes.

Overtime is only required if absolutely necessary. GoBears encourages a lot of family time, so we will only request you to work overtime, again, if absolutely necessary. Extra shifts are occasionally available for those who want to volunteer for additional overtime work. All hours worked over 40 during a week are paid at time-and-a-half.