Can I choose the store I work in?

If you apply at the location that fits your needs, every effort will be made to assign you to a location that is reasonably close to where you live. 


Will I have to work weekends and holidays?

Yes. GoBears stores are always open, which means most store team members will work on weekends.


How often do I get paid?

All GoBears employees are paid weekly. 


What is your dress code?

GoBears provides a variety of t-shirts that are available for purchase. The shirts are to be paired with jeans and tennis shoes. 


Will I have to work a lot of overtime?

Overtime is only required if absolutely necessary. GoBears encourages a lot of family time, so we will only request you to work overtime, again, if absolutely necessary. Extra shifts are occasionally available for those who want to volunteer for additional overtime work. All hours worked over 40 during a week are paid at time-and-a-half.